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Thursday, September 1, 2011

If Columbus was married

If Columbus had been married he might never have discovered America because,
His wife would had asked him the following questions:
* Where are you going?
* With whom?
* Why?
* How are you going?
* To discover what?
* Why you?
* What do I do, when you are not here?
* Can I come with you ?
* Coming back when?
* Will u have dinner at home?
* What you will bring for me?
* It seems you deliberately made this.
* Don’t lie.
* Why are you making such programs.
* You seem to be making a lot of such programs.
* Why?
* I want to go to my parents place.
* I want you to come and leave me.
* I don’t want to come back.
* I will never come back.
* Why are you not stopping me.
* I don’t understand what is this discovery stuff?
* You always do like this.
* Last time also u did like this.
* Now a day’s u always seem to do like this.
* I still don’t understand what else is left to be discovered.
That explains why most of inventions and discoveries were made by Bachelors. ...

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