Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mumbai Railway station quiz

Check your knowledge of the MUMBAI RAILWAY STATIONS!!!!!!!
Only those of you who are from Mumbai can attempt this.

So you think you know all about railway stations having travelled

1. The clues give the names of the stations..
2. The stations belong to either of the three Rlys.
3. You should be honest with yourself and allot only 2 mins for this
4. An example.. Mary's & Jesus' house entrance:Churchgate

So its simple you think.. Go ahead and try for yourself. Happy

1. Raja ka chakkar.
2. Alla ho Akbar.
3. Pandu ka Thikana.
4. This place in darkness.
5. Steps.
6. Over the hill.
7. Fair village.
8. Education resides here.
9. Your head is in Curd.
10. Barber's Village.
11. A road leading towards a devotional lady.
12. Is your brother in?
13. Lord stays here.
14. Happy Town.

Got all correct? Or so u think.... :-)) Well, just proves how much of
a mumbaikar u r ! ok, go ahead and check out the answers

-Here are the answers anyway...

1. King's Circle
2. Masjid
3. Thane
4. Andheri
5. Dadar
6. Ghatkoper
7. Goregaon
8. Vidyavihar
9. Dahisar
10. Naigaon
11. Mira Road
12. Bhayander
13. VithalWadi
14. UlhasNagar

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